DNV 2.7-1 Certification Information

DNV is the leading Classification Society for the classification of Ships, Rigs, and Offshore Platforms.

DNV comprises over 5,500 employees in 300 offices in over 100 different countries worldwide. DNV 2.7-1 was

first published in 1989, with a second edition in 1995, and the current 2013 version. The current EN 12079

of offshore containers.

Definition of an Offshore Container

Portable unit with a maximum gross mass of 25.000 kg for repeated use in the transport of goods or

equipment, as floating installations and ships.

Design Review (Case Approval)

For design review the following documentation should be submitted:

  • Drawings
  • Dimensions
  • Weld details
  • Calculations

Case Approval is job specific for a known batch and only valid for that batch. If the intention is to manufacture

several over a period of time Type Approval should be requested. This would be valid for 4 years, and can be

renewed for longer if required.


The design temperature of the container must be a minimum of -20°C; therefore, the materials chosen should

be suitable for this temperature range, have the required ductility, be fully killed, and have nonage properties.

Fabrication Surveys

DNV has defined inspection points and competent, trained Surveyors with extensive experience in the certification

of Offshore Containers.

Welding Procedures, Welder Qualification

Welding Procedures and Welder Qualifications must meet the following recognized standards for DNV approval:

  • AWS D1.1
  • BS EN 287 pt 1
  • BS EN 288 pt 3

All procedures are required to have Charpy Impact tests at WCL, FL, FL+2 ^& FL+5. Our Offshore Container

Fleet was designed and managed by DNV 2.7-1. One of Class certificate trusted in Oilfield and Offshore industry.

We are specialized in logistical oil & gas industry, heavy lift, mega move and project cargoes. Our company rents.

Skips/Drill Cutting Bins, Rigging Loft, Tool Baskets, Mini Containers, Fibc Containers, Rubbish Bins & Waste Skips.

Toolboxes, Lifting Frame…Etc

  • Designed & Manufactured To Satisfy
  • The Most Stringent Oilfield Regulations
  • Safe & Efficient Transportation
  • Vented
  • Fork Pockets
  • Load Tested
  • Certified Slings
  • Data Plate Attached
  • Multiple Sizes Available


  • Locking Door Handles
  • Heavy Duty Door Hinges
  • Watertight Seals with heavy Duty Locks

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